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NHLIB game setup 2014-15

NHL® Ice Breaker

A multiple award-winning, easy-to-learn hockey-simulation board game and playing card game. NHL Ice Breaker brings you all the action on the ice – from penalties, turnovers and thunderous hits to give-and-go passes, slap shots and beauty kick saves.

NHL Spot It box

NHL® Spot It!™

There is always one, and only one, matching NHL logo or hockey symbol between any two cards in this exciting party game. ‘Spot it’ and win! The original Spot It game is a multiple award-winner and one of the most popular card games in the world.

NHL Fastrack

NHL® Fastrack™

Use the elastic cord to shoot the pucks through the opening at center ice. Get all 10 pucks on your opponent’s side and you win the period! Best two out of three periods wins the game. CAUTION: This game is highly addictive.

NHL Standings Board 2013-14

NHL® Standings Board

This framed magnetic NHL Standings Board is a fun way to keep track of your team throughout the full NHL season – regular season and playoffs. Includes magnetic pucks for all 30 teams. Updated for new divisional realignment.

CFB HO setup

CFB Hand-Off

College Football Hand-Off is an award-winning board game that combines the strategy and decision making of playing cards with the drama and tension of college football. Hand-Off lets you take control of the action – on offense, defense and special teams.

Quartex new box


An engaging, multiple award-winning abstract strategy game for the whole family. A board game and puzzle in one. Match sides, complete shapes and earn tokens. Here’s the twist – as tokens are collected, their value decreases.

10 Down box

10 Down

NEW for 2015. A modern twist on Rummy, 10 Down is an elegant new card game of sequence with a classic feel. Object #1: create a Run from 1 to 10. Object #2: create Color Runs of three or more for bonus points. Call your hand or continue to press your luck, it’s up to you.

Loud About box

Loud About

NEW for 2015. A fast-paced party game of “action memory” that will make you and your friends do and say wild and hilarious things. Ideal for both family parties and late-night shenanigans. ACT OUT and SHOUT OUT actions and words faster than your opponents.


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