Casual Game Revolution

Our award winners:

  • NHL Fastrack (recommended game)
  • Quartex (recommended game)
  • Junk In My Trunk (recommended game)
  • Click Clack Lumberjack (recommended game)
  • Coconuts (recommended game)
  • Get Bit! (recommended game)

About Casual Game Revolution:

Casual Game Insider is a quarterly magazine that covers news, reviews, and interesting articles about casual board, card, dice, and party games. These games are relatively easy to learn and play, but offer a fun and engaging experience for all ages and backgrounds.

Are you looking for some great casual games? Here is a list of recommended games, each of which has been carefully evaluated for setup and play time, publication quality, target audience, and overall gameplay.

Each Recommended game has been carefully evaluated by our editorial staff and found to meet the following conditions:

  • Representative of the casual game genre in terms of game length, depth, and complexity
  • Appeals to a general audience, with a G or PG content rating
  • Has acheived a high rating in gameplay, quality, and originality
  • Is or was recently available in the U.S. at a reasonable price point

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