Major Fun Award

Our award winners:

Stephen Conway is currently on active duty as Major Fun. He is a writer, filmmaker, podcaster, game reviewer, designer, developer and, most importantly, lover of FUN! He has a deep and abiding passion for games and the importance of play as a lifelong pursuit. Play isn’t something we outgrow. It’s a vital (and all too often overlooked) part of life.

Bernie De Koven, founder of the Major Fun award, is a game designer, author, lecturer and fun theorist. He is most notable for his book The Well Played Game, for his contributions to the New Games Foundation, and his pioneering work in computer game design, and for his long-running web site

Bernie focuses on games that help people share and build energizing, supportive relationships – friends, couples, family members, neighbors, communities, coworkers, teams, teachers and students, patients and healers. Games give people a way to do serious things without taking them seriously. Major Fun Award-winning games are key components of his toolkit, which helps explain why he developed the Major Fun program. For more information on Bernie DeKoven and the Major Fun Award, visit

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