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May 10, 2007

(PDR) Thanks to the KOB, we were lucky enough to score a couple tickets for Game 1 of the Sens-Sabres series. Really wasn’t sure what to expect. The Sens have been great through the first 2 rounds, but they’ve never beaten Buffalo in the playoffs.

After a couple of periods of back-and-forth hockey, the Sens dominated the 3rd period and won it 5-2. Looks to be a long series, but the Sens definitely looked good tonight.

Though disappointed, the KOB was still good enough to take us to a couple Buffalo bars. I don’t care what Ray Emery says, there is some pretty decent night life in B-lo. We then went to St. Gabriel’s (?) for some late night ‘wingies’ – supposedly the best in the city (though I think every other restaurant in Buffalo says that!).

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