Emblems: NHL – card game 100 years in the making

February 18, 2017

On this day, February 18th – National Hockey Day, National Hockey Card Day and the opening of New York Toy Fair – CSE Games is pleased to announce the release of Emblems: NHL.

Emblems: NHL is a set-collecting and trick-taking (or hat trick-taking) card game which focuses on grouping of NHL teams and logos. Players call out attributes of specific logos – such as year, number of Stanley Cups or logo colours – and collect as many cards as possible. Earn additional points along the way by using special bonus cards that will boost your total score. The player with the highest score wins.

“Emblems has something for classic card game player as well as the hockey fan,” says Fabio Del Rio from CSE Games. “Players will enjoy the elegance and simplicity of the gameplay as well as the awesome NHL logos going back to the beginning of the NHL.”

Developed by renowned game designers Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu, Emblems: NHL highlights the 100-year history, and anniversary, of the NHL.

“Growing up in Canada, everyone is a hockey fan,” says co-designer Daryl Andrews. “It’s a true privilege to be part of making an official NHL card game. Emblems: NHL is a unique twist on traditional card games. The game is perfect for the whole family, with plenty of exciting moments and strategy, allowing for great replay ability in a small box game.”

Emblems: NHL is scheduled to release in Q3 2017. For more information visit: http://csegames.com/shop/board-games/nhl-emblems/.


  • 90 NHL logo cards, from 1917 to 2017
  • 19 “Powerplay” in-game bonus cards
  • 11 “Overtime” end-game bonus cards
  • Illustrated instructions

Ages: 8+, 3-5 players, 20-30 play time

SRP: $14.99

Available in Canada & US.

Images subject to change.

More details to come.


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