Gametime Scoreboard: a testimonial

April 21, 2011

I have owned Athletic Stuff since 1999 and work with thousands of schools, teams, government institutions and quality conscious consumers.  Our largest and most profitable segments for our entire company is scoreboards.  When I first discovered the Gametime Scoreboard I realized that this would be a huge success for us. 

The Gametime Scoreboard is a huge leap forward in electronic scoring.  By combining the features of a portable indoor scoreboard with an outdoor scoreboard, as well as a boom-box with microphone and remote control, the Gametime scoreboard has no equal at any price.  A lesser equipped scoreboard without the microphone, sounds effects card and other unique features starts at a minimum of $400.00 – $500.00.  The Gametime scoreboard sells for half that price with greater reliability and flexibility.

The biggest issue we have with the scoreboard is availability.  Our sales are hampered only by the fact that we run out of scoreboards too fast, and have to remove them from our line-up until they come back into stock.

In the industry, scoreboards are a necessity for every team, school and sports organization.  Whether you are playing indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer or floor hockey, or playing outdoor sports such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball and more, a scoreboard is what every player, coach and fan look to when checking the score, time remaining and more. With the economy in its current state, everyone is looking for a quality product at the lowest price possible, which is why the future for the Gametime Scoreboard looks bright.


Jason Hatch
Athletic Stuff
(877) 406-0607

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