Go, Go-U, Go-U-Mass, Go UMass!

February 28, 2006

CSE Games President Fabio Del Rio was honored to speak to the Sports Policy class of the Department of Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The course, instructed by Dr. Mark McDonald and PhD candidate Jess Dixon, is the capstone course of the graduate and undergraduate curriculums at the UMass School of Management.

Fabio spoke to the students about his experiences in the sports collectibles industry and the inspiration and strategy behind Card Football, NHL Ice Breaker and CSE’s D54 Game System.

“It was great having Fabio share Card Football and NHL Ice Breaker with the senior and graduate Sport Management students at UMass,” said Dixon. “His presentation and demonstration of these games, and discussion of the business model supporting them, demonstrated to all in attendance how far a little ingenuity, passion, and business savvy can take someone in such a highly competitive industry.”


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