NHL Fastrack: simple, addictive fun

January 14, 2013

Simple, addictive fun

Wed. Jan. 9, 2013

by Calvin Daniels

Sometimes the best games are just mindless fun.

NHL Fastrack is one of those games.

NHL Fastrack - second viewNot a new idea, Fastrack first appeared a few years ago, the NHL version puts the hockey spin on things, and in this case it fits pretty well as a pasted-on theme.

The game comes with a wooden game board, complete with NHL team logos as decoration and 10 resin pucks and is ready to play right out of the box, so no construction required.

NHL Fastrack - puck imageAcross centre ice is a barrier with a single hole in the centre, just large enough to let a puck pass through.

At each end is an elastic band.

As the game website describes, “use the elastic cord to shoot the pucks through the opening at center ice. Get all 10 pucks on your opponent’s side and you win the period. Best two out of three periods wins the game. That’s a whole lot of intense hockey action in 10 minutes.”

The game is about as simplistic as you can get, and can be taught in maybe 32-seconds, even to youngsters.

That is where NHL Fastrack shines.

Youngsters, say 10-12, and under, are likely to have a blast playing this, especially if they are hockey fans and they can add some imagination to the process so they are scoring as their favourite player.

NHL Fastrack It’s also good for youngsters that a game such as NHL Fastrack develops dexterity and quick reflexes, and sharpens visual perception.

That said, for older players NHL Fastrack is not likely to hold your interest past a few plays, although I imagine most dads would be ready to play with their kids often. It is fun. It is quick. It is easy to play.

As a finger hockey game option NHL Fastrack is a solid offering, and one definitely offering family fun if you have younger children and hockey fans at home.

Check it out at www.csegames.com

— This review originally appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper in Saskatchewan, Canada

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