Quartex Board Game Crosses the Pond

August 31, 2014

CSE Games is proud and excited to announce that they have reached agreements with distributors in Europe and India for the multiple award-winning abstract strategy board game Quartex.

Carletto is a leading Swiss toy and games publisher and distributor that has been in business since 1986. Some world-renowned award-winning games in Carletto’s portfolio include: Qwirkle, Carcassone, Hanabi, Kerflip!, Snake Oil and Ticket to Ride to name a few.

Frank Educational Aids is the leading toy and games publisher and distributor in India.

This October, Quartex will make its European debut at the annual SuisseToy show in Switzerland followed by the world-famous Essen Spiel ’14 game convention in Essen, Germany. The European version of the game includes rules translated to German, French, Italian and English.

Listen to a full review of Quartex by The Spiel:

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