RPS 27 Review: “Hockey Game for Kids”

June 16, 2010

By Calvin Daniels

When I got ahold of RPS 27, I was rather excited.

It is published by the Canadian firm CSE Games which also produced NHL Ice Breaker: The Card Hockey Board Game, which I still rate as one of the quickest, yet fun, hockey board games (cards really) out there. So I was hoping their new offering was equally as solid.

RPS27 puzzle

RPS 27 is rated for ages six and up, but is clearly geared to the pre-teen game player.

The RPS stands for rock-paper-scissors mechanic employed in what they term a Jigsaw Battle.

Players each start out with a central piece to a nine piece jigsaw. In this edition the centrepiece has the Hockey Canada logo, with the other pieces of RPS 27 featuring classic Team Canada hockey jerseys from 1920 to 2010. A nice element, but one I am not sure won’t be lost on the younger target market. Vintage jerseys hold nostalgia for those who recall them. Young game players won’t have that connection.

The remaining jigsaw pieces go into a common face-down pile which each player then draws a hand of three from.

The pieces have the aforementioned jerseys on them, as well as a symbol representing rock-paper-scissors.

The players ‘slam’ pieces down simultaneously, with the winner in the RPS confrontation getting both pieces which they can use to fill in their puzzle. If a tie occurs, you repeat, with the winner getting a bigger pile of cards.

The ‘slam’ mechanic had me recalling Pogs which my son dabbled in a bit in his younger years.

The game is two-player out of the box, but can go three-way by adding in other pieces.

A solid kids game which still gets them playing something other than a video game, which is always good.

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