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An elegant card game of sequence and set collecting with a classic feel. Create a Run of 1 to 10 and earn bonus points by making Color Runs.

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10 Down is an elegant new card game of sequence and set collecting with a classic feel. On your turn, draw and discard to improve your hand. First objective: create a Run of 1 to 10. Second objective: create Color Runs of 3 or more.

Call “10 Down” with a Run of 1 to 10 and that’s a hand worth 1 point. Earn bonus points by making Color Runs of 3 or more with the same 10 cards.

Call your hand right away or press your luck to improve your Color Runs. It’s up to you. First to 10 points wins.

Casual yet strategic, 10 Down is a modern game with a classic feel.

NEWS: 10 Down named a Game of the Year (Card Games) by Creative Child Magazine.

History of 10 Down

We met 10 Down designer Odd Hackwelder as Essen Spiel 2014. “Hack” is from Syracuse, NY and is now living and teaching in Taiwan. He told us 10 Down was inspired by the classic games Rummy, Sequence and Rack-o.

Hack is a game designer, artist, graphic designer, teacher and all-around awesome guy. Read all about the “mad scientist” on Twitter @HackoGames.


  • 100-card deck
  • 10 Mission cards
  • 50 scoring tokens
  • Illustrated instructions

The Buzz on 10 Down

“… sequence-creating card game that felt just right on a café table surrounded by drinks and snacks…”
– W. Eric Martin (BoardGameGeek)

“I love 10 Down! A great new classic. Perfect for family level casual card play.”
– Dan King (The Game Boy Geek)

“Fun, with a classic feel… I love this game.”
– Tyler Anderson (Bearded Meeple)

“A modern twist on Rummy – great for the whole family.”
– Stephen Conway (The Spiel)

“Fun, quick game with some solid strategy.”
– Andrew Bucholtz (Yahoo! & @BoardandGame blog)

“If you enjoy card games and are looking for one to play with the family and friends, do look into 10 Down. While it’s simplistic in many ways, it’s a solid game that will deliver fun and an entertaining challenge.”
– Cyrus Kirby (@thefathergeek)

“What a fun game to play! My kids loved it. Their friends enjoyed it so much and asked us where to get it.”
– A. L. (on Amazon.com)

“A MUST OWN for new and old players alike. Currently my favourite card game. Simple to teach but with the sophistication of a much more complex game.”
– Jamie Jones (on BoardGameGeek.com)

“My kids love it! I do too, as I’ve always enjoyed Rummy.”
– Ann T., Homeschooler (on EduCents.com)


Dan King, The Game Boy Geek, reviews 10 Down:

Here’s a quick low-down of 10 Down from Bearded Meeple:

Here W. Eric Martin from BoardGameGeek gives an overview of 10 Down:

Here’s a review of 10 Down on Toys, Tots, Pets & More (ttpm.com)


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Odd Hackwelder




3 to 6



Playing Time

20 minutes




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5" x 8" x 2"

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