Fantasy Fantasy Football

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COMING SOON. You are the Oracle manager of a team of powerful and gruesome fantasy creatures battling through a season of fantasy football.

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Product Description

Fantasy Fantasy Football is an card-drafting hand-management game in which you are the Oracle manager of a football team of powerful and dynamic fantasy creatures battling through a season of fantasy football. Go head-to-head against other Oracle managers and battle the elements, manage bye weeks and use your team’s magic powers wisely.

Developed by acclaimed designers Daryl Andrews and J.R. Honeycutt with art by Rob Lundy, Fantasy Fantasy Football is a roster-building card game where players must assemble and manage a team through a season full of unexpected challenges using players skills and magical abilities to win games.

Fantasy Fantasy Football breaks down to: one part fantasy, one part fantasy football, one part football cards, with a pinch of humor.

Fantasy Fantasy Football weaves together all the best elements of fantasy football:

  • Live draft
  • Setting your lineups
  • Head-to-head win system
  • Free agency
  • Managing weather and bye weeks
  • Final battle for the championship

Fantasy Fantasy Football uses a clever combination of game mechanics which fit together to deliver an authentic fantasy sports experience, including:

  • Card drafting – Think of it as your live fantasy draft
  • Action programming – Setting your lineup
  • Hand management / deck building – Choose which players start and which sit
  • Simultaneous action – Go head-to-head with your opponent
  • Variable player powers – Use your specific player strengths at the right time

Learn to play Fantasy Fantasy Football with Dan “The Game Boy Geek” King:


  • 90 Player Cards
  • 36 Weather Cards
  • 5 Schedule Cards
  • 1 Fantasy HQ Board
  • 6 Manager Boards
  • 1 Week Marker
  • 48 Football Win Tokens
  • 1 Super Game Trophy Token
  • 6 Oracle Manager Miniatures
  • 2 Ghost Manager Tokens
  • 1 Injury Die
  • 1 Illustrated Rulebook

For more details see the official press release.

Additional information


Daryl Andrews & J.R. Honeycutt


Rob Lundy




2 to 6

Playing Time

20 to 50 minutes


8" x 10" x 2.25"


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