About Gridstones: Night Sky

Many ancient societies looked to the night sky in search of meaning and purpose. Among the patterns in the stars, they saw their gods and goddesses. And among those patterns they found the heavens. Read more

Welcome to Gridstones: Night Sky – the 10th anniversary edition of the original award-winning Gridstones game, by designer (and Game Artisan of Canada) Tim W.K. Brown.

Gridstones: Night Sky is a beautiful, elegant, and gripping game of strategy and visualization. And now with a new constellations theme, it’s more engaging and entertaining than ever.

It’s a match!

This abstract strategy and puzzle game is quick, thought-provoking, easy-to-learn and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Gridstones is great for casual players, and especially in its two-player mode, is perfect for more serious gamers who enjoy a quick strategic challenge.

On their turn, players place (or remove) Star Stones on (or from) the Sky Board to create a match to the pattern on Constellation Card(s) in their hand. But be careful, opponents will be trying to match their cards too, and the board will change with every turn.

Click the image above to view 12 of the Constellation Cards

Another exciting addition to Gridstones: Night Sky is the special Shooting Star cards which give players an added element of strategy and control.


Though the core of Gridstones: Night Sky is quick to pick up, it’s not easy to master. The more you play the game, the better you will become at seeing patterns and visualizing how to strategize your play.

So if you’re up for the challenge, grab a few friends and get hooked on this engaging, strategic game of pattern matching.

Gridstones: Night Sky… to be victorious, the stars must align.

Coming to Kickstarter Aug. 31, 2017.

Here’s an overview of the game with Fabio Del Rio from CSE Games and Eric Martin from BoardGameGeek at Origins Game Fair 2017:

About Gridstones:

Gridstones is designed by Toronto-native and Game Artisan of Canada Tim W.K. Brown. Art, graphic design and game development by Ottawa-native and fellow Game Artisan of Canada Jamie R. Jones. The first version of Gridstones was published in 2008 and is a multiple award-winner (see below).

Game Contents:

  • Sky board
  • 49 Constellation Cards
  • 7 Shooting Star Cards
  • 35 Star Stones
  • Velvet bag
  • Illustrated instructions

Skills Learned:

  • Pattern Matching
  • Visuospatial Skills
  • Logical & Critical Decision Making

The Buzz on Gridstones:

“I really enjoyed playing Gridstones. It looks great and hit all the right spots in my brain.”
– Dan King (@TheGameBoyGeek)

“Light on one hand, potential high-strategy on another… a recipe for a really good game.”
– The Spiel

“… there is always the dark glee that bubbles up when you ruin your neighbor’s plans and hear that exasperated sigh. That’s definitely Major Fun.”
– Major Fun

“Very entertaining. Definitely an abstract strategy game for the whole family. Makes you think.”
– Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

“Gridstones wins on two levels. First it elevates the abstract game category by adding a pattern matching challenge, then it makes sure to correctly represent actual constellations.”
– Scott Brady (SAHM Reviews)

“Looks awesome! I love the new look and am excited about the new cards. We often play Gridstones as a two-player and it’s one of our favourite (and most played) games. Love it a lot!”
– Chris Cormier, GeekyGoodies.com

Below is an audio review of the original Gridstones by the guys at The Spiel:



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