Junk In My Trunk

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A whimsical casual card game about elephants cleaning up junk after the circus. Use special “wild” cards strategically to peek, swap and flip.

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The circus is over and clean up duties fall to the elephants. To make the job go faster, these playful pachyderms made a game of the task! Using their trunks like vacuums, they suck up all the junk under the big top and blow it into the trash. First small things like tickets and popcorn… all the way up to the circus’ old broken canon. Everything is blown into the trash until the circus is swept clean. The first elephant to get all of its JUNK out of its TRUNK wins the game.

Be the first player to get rid of all your cards to win the game. Special “wild” cards also add to the fun by allowing you to gather information by peeking, swapping and flipping. The excitement really picks up at the end of the game when players are trying to get rid of the final face-up and face-down cards.

Junk In My Trunk, designed by David Coleson (co-host of The Spiel) is a casual and whimsical game based on the classic Swedish card game Vändtia.

Learn to play Junk In My Trunk with Bearded Meeple:

Buzz on Junk In My Trunk

Junk in My Trunk is a well crafted, family-style card game with enough room for strategic players or for off-the-cuff lighthearted play.”
— Alexa Chaplin (Everything Board Games )

“… a game that would appeal to fans of quick-to-learn family-game-night style card games, yet has enough depth to please hobby board gamers.”


Here’s an overview of the game with Fabio Del Rio from CSE Games and Eric Martin from BoardGameGeek at Origins Game Fair 2017:

About David Coleson

Dave is best known as the co-host of the popular board game podcast The Spiel. Dave is also a former Marine, professional musician (trumpet) and a game designer and developer. He enjoys collecting dice, disc golf, and good games with good friends. Contact Dave at @DiceManDave on Twitter.

CSE’s Fabio Del Rio briefly chatted with The Spiel about the up-coming Junk In My Trunk at GenCon 2015:
http://thespiel.net/?q=node/1179 (18:50 mark)



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David Coleson


Josh Cappel




2 to 7

Playing Time

20 minutes




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3.5" x 5.5" x 1"


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