Hand-Off: LSU Tigers™

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An award-winning board game that combines the strategy and decision making of playing cards with the drama and tension of college football.

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Hand-Off combines the strategy and decision making of playing cards with the drama and tension of college football. The game can be played by one to four players and takes about 45 minutes to play four quarters.

Hand-Off lets you take control of the action – bust out a big run, throw a game-breaking long bomb, make the big open-field tackle, or pick off the pass and take it the other way for a touchdown. The game will also help fans of all ages familiarize themselves with the decision-making, complexities and language of college football.

Bring the spirit of Saturdays home with Hand-Off. School colors adorn virtually every game element of the game – from the playing cards to the game board. In addition, you can play as one of the all-time teams and look for “signature play” Team Cards that can give you the advantage over your competition.

Hand-Off is the game for the college football fan and card player in your life.

Hand-Off is the update to CSE Games’ original critically-acclaimed Card Football game which debuted in 2006.

Hand-Off is a licensed product of the Collegiate Licensing Company.

Buzz on Hand-Off

“What we have here is a fantastic football card game that really does feel exciting, nail-biting, and exasperating. All the emotions I get when I am watching a game on the television.”
– Father Geek (@TheFatherGeek)

“It provides an excellent football feel and a good level of strategy, and it’s easy to see it appealing to both football fans who are just discovering hobby games and seasoned gamers who are interested in football.”
– Andrew Bucholtz (Yahoo! Sports, board game reviewer @BoardandGame)

“fast-paced and intuitive… delivers a fun and competitive experience.”
– Casual Game Insider

“Frankly, I was surprised at how much fun the game was, and how much it felt like watching a football game. There was momentum when you saw that you had a chance to combo some good cards into a long drive. There was drama as teams got into the red zone or a penalty potentially wiped out a big play. Field position — just like in real football — was crucially important, and you have to manage your time outs to give yourself a chance to get those good cards you need in the red zone. Kudos to the designers who must be big football fans, because this really plays like a football game simulator.”
– Board Game Gumbo (@BoardGameGumbo)

“The game is well structured, simple to learn, fun to play… it will come to life… plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments along the way. Great fun.”
– Matthew Looby (BoardGameGeek.com user)

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Playing Time

45 minutes




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1.5 lbs.

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