About NHL® Fastrack™

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CSE Games and Blue Orange Games are proud to present NHL® Fastrack™, an all-new take on table hockey. Described as “finger hockey” by some, Fastrack™ is a game of non-stop action, accuracy and speed.

Use the elastic cord to shoot the pucks through the opening at center ice. Get all 10 pucks on your opponent’s side and you win the period! Best two out of three periods wins the game. That’s a whole lot of intense hockey action in a quick 10-minute game.

Your accuracy needs to be right on the mark because the opening at center ice is only a quarter of an inch wider than the pucks.

While skill is essential in becoming a Fastrack™ pro, a little luck always comes into play. Watch out as sometimes pucks will bounce off each other, or bounce off your opponent’s elastic and right back into your own end of the rink.

It takes poise and a steady hand to win at NHL® Fastrack™. This wooden, well-constructed game comes with 10 smooth, fast resin pucks and is ready to play right out of the box. NHL® Fastrack™ makes for great competitive hockey fun.

WARNING: NHL® Fastrack™ is highly addictive. You’ll want to play it over and over again.


  • 1 wooden rink
  • 10 resin pucks
  • 1 pouch for pucks
  • Illustrated instructions.

Skills developed:

NHL® Fastrack™ develops dexterity and quick reflexes, sharpens visual perception and employs quick thinking.

The Buzz on NHL Fastrack:

“The game is brilliant. Fast paced and nerve jangling.”
– Major Fun

The guys at Lucky Penny Shop have a fun time with NHL Fastrack:



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