NHL® Ice Breaker

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This game delivers all the action on the ice. From penalties, turnovers and big hits to perfect passes, slap shots and beauty kick saves.

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LATEST NEWS: NHL Ice Breaker named top sports game of all-time by The Dice Tower. NHL Ice Breaker awarded ‘Father Geek Seal of Approval‘.

You get all the great action of NHL®-hockey with NHL® Ice Breaker: The Card Hockey Board Game™. It’s easy to learn, fast-paced and makes for competitive hockey fun.

NHL® Ice Breaker is a hockey-simulation board game and playing card game. Manage your cards and battle for puck possession and advance it up the ice for a scoring chance. Just like the game on the ice, the object is to out-score your opponent. One time through the deck represents one period of play; three time through the deck and that’s a full game.

While it has all the great elements of a classic board game, NHL® Ice Breaker action derives from the specially-designed 54-card playing deck. Each card allows players to make the pass, take the shot, make the save, or deliver the big hit, simulating all the fast-paced intensity of the game of hockey.

NHL® Ice Breaker features all 30 National Hockey League teams and is remarkably easy to pick up, given the familiarity of the standard 54-card playing deck and some simple card game mechanics. NHL® Ice Breaker takes a minute to set up and is recommended for ages eight (8) and up.

For one to four players, NHL® Ice Breaker takes about 30 minutes to play.

Game contents:

  • 54-card deck
  • 39 Team Cards + 1 Stanley Cup card
  • Game board
  • Mini puck (+1 bonus replacement puck)
  • Scoring / period markers
  • Rulebook (bilingual)
  • Quick-start rule sheet

Skills developed:

NHL Ice Breaker teaches the skills of counting and language, while stimulating visual perception and decision-making. It supports quick mental processing and sharpens cognitive skills in a fun competitive hockey atmosphere.

The Buzz on NHL Ice Breaker:

Enjoy this 5 min. 43 sec. audio review of NHL Ice Breaker by The Spiel:


“If you enjoy hockey, this game is something you NEED to buy.”
– Sam Healey (TheDiceTower.com)

“This is a definite gem for hockey fans, well worth playing anytime.”
– Calvin Daniels (Board game critic & sports journalist)

“NHL Ice Breaker is a Major Fun game.”
– MajorFun.com

“I really enjoyed myself. You need not know what hockey is or even have heard of a puck. What needs to happen is intuitive and the gameplay keeps players on course from the very first slapshot to the very last goal. Do play this game when time permits. As far as Sports games go, this is a fun one.”
– Father Geek

“NHL Ice Breaker is the best table-top hockey game I’ve ever played. It’s the first that captures the feel and flow of ice hockey.”
– Ken Whitesell (40-year sports board game veteran, at Origins Game Fair)

“Out of several hockey games I own, this one is the best.”
– Patrick Havert (Goldenwolf, BoardGameGeek.com)

“Finally a fun board game for hockey fans!”
– J. Chow-Gent (mom, Ottawa, ON)

“My nephew is a young hockey player, so he was thrilled to see this under the tree last year. He and his dad got into it right away and they played all afternoon.”
– T. Rypkema (Cloverdale, BC)

“The game of the show.”
– Vincent Booth (Sir-Games-A-Lot, at Canadian Toy and Hobby Fair)

“NHL Ice Breaker is the best-looking new game at GAMA [2006].”
– George Seary (Armada Games, Binghamton, NY)

“I’ve been at GAMA for five years, and this is the best game I’ve seen.”
– Dave Lepore (Alderac Entertainment Group AEG, Ontario, CA)

“Quick, fast-paced, clever and fun.”
– Marcus Santana (Ronaldo, BoardGameGeek.com)

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1 to 4


English, French

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30 minutes




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8" x 10" x 2.25"


1.5 lbs.

Case pack

6 pieces, 0.02 CBM, 4.8 kg

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