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An engaging, award-winning abstract strategy game for the whole family. A game and puzzle in one. Complete shapes, earn tokens and win.

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Quartex is an award-winning and engaging new abstract strategy tile game for the whole family. A board game and puzzle in one.

Play your tiles by matching and placing them beside other tiles already in play. If your tile completes a four-corner shape, you earn a point token of that color. But here’s the fun twist – as the number of tokens collected increases, their value decreases. Sometimes, less is more.

Every time, you complete a shape and earn a token you can affect the score of every player at the table.

Because players decide where tiles are placed, the shape of every game of Quartex is unique! If you’re ready to outsmart the competition in this challenging game of shape-building, grab a few friends and enter the Quartex!

Quartex is the second title in CSE’s line of strategic, easy-to-learn, family-oriented games developed by Toronto-native Tim W. K. Brown.


  • 55 tiles (1.5″ x 1.5″)
  • 40 tokens
  • 5 shields
  • 1 velvet bag
  • Illustrated instructions

Skills developed:

  • Counting and math
  • Logical and critical decision making
  • Pattern/color matching
  • Visuo-spatial skills
  • Hand/resource management

History of Quartex

Quartex™ debuted at 2012 Gen Con in Indianapolis, IN. It received rave reviews and completely sold out.

The Quartex™ official launch took place at Snakes and Lattes board game cafe in Toronto on Dec. 4th, 2012.

The Buzz on Quartex:

“Quartex is a great family game. Our testers really loved it!”
– Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

“Quartex builds from a simple idea – join corners, make shapes, score points – to a game that offers hours of fun and strategy to players of all ages.”
– Stephen Conway (The Spiel)

“I highly recommend you give Quartex a chance when the opportunity presents itself. It’s a very entertaining and surprisingly engrossing casual game. It’ll challenge you without breaking you and can be played by gamers and non-gamers alike.”
– Father Geek

“Delightful abstract strategy game that is much more challenging than it appears at first blush. If you’re looking for a new way to prove your mental dominance over 2-3 of your friends, this is it.”
– Steve Tassie (Snakes & Lattes Board Game Cafe)

“We love Quartex! This game has been played so many times since it arrived at the review center. It is our go-to-game… This game is a lot of fun… gets you thinking…”
– Family Review Center

“A fantastic abstract game. So simple in design, yet it has tons of possibilities. Lots going on here. I loved it.”
– Tyler Anderson (Bearded Meeple)

“I had the pleasure of learning this from the designer… ranks up there with Blokus and Qwirkle.”
– SubtlyArtistic (BoardGameGeek.com member)

“A new favourite in my collection.”
– Jamie Jones (BoardGameGeek.com member)

“It’s what Dominoes wants to be!”
– Colleen Warner (Soede)

“Seems easy and takes no time to learn. Combine Checkers and Tetris then throw in some Chess strategy and you will get close to this game. My wife and I bought it for our 8 year old, but I think we are going to play it more! Very good, repeat playable game. Buying another for my mom. Recommended.”
– Dave (GamesForAll.ca)

“Strengthens brains! I bought this game for my middle school classroom and it was a great purchase. It’s perfect for when the students have free time because it’s engaging, promotes problem solving and cognitive skill development. I love it for my math classroom.”
– Faith B (via EduCents.com)



Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 2.25 x 8 in

Tim W. K. Brown




2 to 5


English, French

Playing Time

30 minutes




818184 000200


8" x 10" x 2.25"


1.5 lbs.

Case pack

6 pieces

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