Are you ready for some (Fantasy Fantasy) Football?

March 15, 2017

Sports meets sorcery in CSE Games’ newest tabletop game title – Fantasy Fantasy Football. You think regular fantasy football is exciting? Wait until you add bone-crushing Ogres, gruesome Gargoyles and special magical abilities. Fantasy Fantasy Football features a mix of cards and miniatures.

Fantasy Fantasy Football breaks down to: one part fantasy, one part fantasy football, one part football cards, and a pinch of parody.

In Fantasy Fantasy Football, players draft teams in order to compete in head-to-head weekly match-ups taking place over the course of a fantasy football season. Build your team from such mystical characters as Satyr Wizard quarterback Magic Pan, hard-driving Raptor running back Edge Falcon or blazing Phoenix wide receiver Francisco Treat. Each round players will engage in match-ups to earn victories, while managing their rosters, managing bye weeks and dealing with weather conditions in hopes of making the playoffs and winning the championship.

Developed by emerging game design talents Daryl Andrews and J. R. Honeycutt, with art by Rob Lundy, Fantasy Fantasy Football is a card-drafting, roster-building game designed for 2 to 6 players, ages 10+ and only takes 20 to 50 minutes to play.

Fantasy Fantasy Football is the second title in CSE Games’ Fantasy Fantasy Sports series. The first title – Fantasy Fantasy Baseball – which is available now.

The game designers are excited about Fantasy Fantasy Football.

“Fantasy Fantasy Football is a dream come true for me,” says co-designer J.R. Honeycutt. “As a kid, I spent countless hours drafting my favorite players in football history and thinking about how they would perform against each other. Now I can build a fantasy version of those teams and see for myself!”

Daryl Andrews says, “Fantasy Fantasy Football lets us build on a very exciting line of games. I’m really looking forward to seeing players’ reactions to the new ideas we have incorporated. We love the Fantasy Fantasy Sports line, as J. R. and I are huge sports fans in addition to being game designers. These are our two favorite things colliding in the best way possible.”

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Learn to play Fantasy Fantasy Football with Dan “The Game Boy Geek” King:

Listen to a full review of Fantasy Fantasy Football by Raf and Charlie of the Ding & Dent podcast.

About co-designer Daryl Andrews:

A member of the Game Artisans of Canada, Daryl is a lifelong football fan with several published games to his credit – Back To The Future: OUTATIME (IDW Games), TMNT: Showdown (IDW Games), Sagrada (Floodgate Games), Caffeine Rush (RnR Games) and The Walled City (Mercury Games) – with many other titles scheduled for release in the next two years. Daryl is also the co-host of the Meeple Syrup Show (, a video podcast of designers discussing design.

About co-designer J. R. Honeycutt:

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, J. R. is a lifelong Cowboys fan and has 15 published games with more titles scheduled for release in 2017-18. J. R. was on the development team of the hit game SeaFall and is also the host of The Nerd Nighters (, a video podcast and community of gamers helping others.

About artist Rob Lundy

Rob Lundy is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ottawa, Ontario. Formerly an animator, he moved into freelance board game illustration after the success of his first project Dungeon Roll, published by TMG. Since that time, his illustrations have seen publication from several companies across North America. Rob specializes in fantasy illustration but has done work in the sci-fi realm. He streams his work live daily online at where he extends his love for teaching art to anyone willing to learn.

About CSE Games

CSE Games is a developer and publisher of award-winning tabletop games as well as sports and entertainment products, since 2004. CSE Games products have earned awards from American Mensa, Father Geek, The Dice Tower, Creative Child Magazine, Canadian Toy Testing Council and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio to name a few.


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