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March 12, 2018

CSE Games is proud to introduce Junk In My Trunk – a whimsical yet strategic card game designed by David Coleson. Coleson is known to hobbyists as the co-host of the long-running popular podcast The Spiel.

In Junk In My Trunk, the circus grounds are a mess after a great show. Clean up duties fall to the elephants, and using their trunks like vacuums, they suck up all the junk. The first player to get rid of all of their “junk” (cards) wins. Special action cards also add to the fun by allowing you to peek, swap and flip. Gameplay is based on the classic Swedish card game Vändtia. The fun and vibrant circus-themed artwork was created by acclaimed artist and game designer Josh Cappel.

“My family and I have been enjoying Vändtia, and several of it’s many variations, for over 25 years. During these years, I remember wishing it had a story and some modern game elements,” said Coleson when asked about the inspiration of Junk In My Trunk. “I hope this new story makes you giggle, and the gameplay is enjoyable to make you want to share it with everybody.”

NEWS: Junk In My Trunk was named a Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine!

Junk In My Trunk will hit distribution at the end of May 2018, but a limited number early-bird copies are available now at The Game Preserve stores in the Indianapolis area (Dave’s local game store) and at Snakes & Lattes’ three locations in Toronto.

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Learn to play Junk In My Trunk with Bearded Meeple:

Buzz on Junk In My Trunk

“Junk in My Trunk is a well crafted, family-style card game with enough room for strategic players or for off-the-cuff lighthearted play.” — Alexa Chaplin (Everything Board Games )

“… a game that would appeal to fans of quick-to-learn family-game-night style card games, yet has enough depth to please hobby board gamers.”
— BJ, Board Game Gumbo

About David Coleson

Dave is known as the co-host of the popular board game podcast The Spiel. Dave is also a former Marine, professional musician (trumpet), game designer and game developer. He enjoys collecting dice, disc golf, and good games with good friends. Follow Dave at @DiceManDave on Twitter.

About CSE Games

CSE Games has been publishing and developing tabletop games since 2004. CSE’s products have won such awards as American Mensa Recommendation, Major Fun Award, The Dice Tower Seal, Casual Game Insider Recommendation, Creative Child Magazine Game of the Year, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, and Father Geek Seal of Approval to name a few.

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