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October 21, 2007

(PDR) Sincere apologies to anyone that has checked this out recently, as this is the first new posting in 3 months! That’s bad. Well, suffice to say we’ve had more important things on the go the last few months – 90% of which has been good things.

For those of you on pins and needles about how the Chiefs did in the OBA’s, well, we were eliminated after 3 games. Too bad, ’cause there’s no question in my mind that we were the best team in the tournament. Just didn’t play to our potential, I guess. Maybe we peaked a little early, what with the tournament victory in July. The rest of the COBA season wasn’t much better. Got knocked out in the first round best-of-three. One-two-barbecue, as Fab likes to say.

Hockey season is off and running and our Sens are looking real good – again. Looks like they’ve barely missed a beat following the disappointing loss in the Stanley Cup Finals. No SCF hangover here. Our goalie Martin Gerber (previously known as “Martin Gerbeerleague”) looks like a new man. With he and Ray Emery between the pipes, the Sens just might have the best goaltending tandem in the league.

We’re looking forward to making some big announcements over the next couple months. Can’t wait to fill you in.

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