Fantasy Fantasy Baseball: a card game of sport and sorcery

November 30, 2015


Burlington, ON – CSE Games is proud to announce the official launch of Fantasy Fantasy Baseball on Kickstarter. In a nutshell, Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is a game where players battle through a season of fantasy baseball with a roster of fantasy creatures.

Instead of the typical fantasy baseball experience taking months to play, the entire Fantasy Fantasy Baseball experience is boiled down to 10 minutes per player. The amazing fantasy creature art provides something for the baseball fan and the gamer in all of us.

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball breaks down to: one part fantasy, one part fantasy baseball, one part baseball cards, with a pinch of parody.

Baseball fans will enjoy all the subtle and not-so-subtle baseball references, but you don’t have to be a sports fan to have a lot of fun with this game.

“Fantasy sports have become a big part of everyday conversation of the casual and hardcore sports fan,” says Fabio Del Rio from CSE Games, “this is considered by many to be the golden age of tabletop gaming and we feel that the fantasy sports theme can help bring newcomers to this great hobby.”

Developed by acclaimed designers Daryl Andrews and J.R. Honeycutt (two great baseball names) with art by Rob Lundy, Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is a roster-building card game where players must assemble and manage a team through a season full of unexpected challenges using players skills and magical abilities to win games.

Here are some of the basic details of Fantasy Fantasy Baseball

  • For 2 to 5 players
  • Ages 8+
  • 20 to 50 minutes to play
  • 125 beautifully-illustrated cards

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball weaves together all the best elements of fantasy baseball:

  • head-to-head win system
  • rotisserie stat tracking
  • live draft
  • setting your lineups
  • final battle for the championship

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball uses a clever combination of game mechanics which fit together to deliver an authentic fantasy sports experience, including:

  • Card drafting – Think of it as your live fantasy draft
  • Action programming – Setting your lineup
  • Hand management – Choose which players start and which sit
  • Simultaneous action – Go head-to-head with your opponent
  • Variable player powers – Use your specific player strengths at the right time

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is the first game in CSE Games Fantasy Fantasy Sports series. The next two titles are…

  • Fantasy Fantasy Football (with art by Adam McIver)
  • Fantasy Fantasy Hockey (with art by Rob Lundy)

Game Contents

  • 60 Character Cards (30 hitters + 30 pitchers // 30 Rookies, 8 Pros, 8 Specialists, 8 All-Stars, 6 Hall of Famers)
  • 30 Win Cards
  • 30 Event Cards (20 Evil, 10 Good)
  • 5 Team Cards
  • Game Board (“Rotisserie” Stat Tracker & Waiver Priority)
  • 30 Scoring markers (6 cubes x 5 teams)
  • Illustrated instructions

Here is what top board game industry insiders are saying about Fantasy Fantasy Baseball:

“Elegant. Yet highly flavourful. Nice!”
Eric Lang (designer of Dice Masters, Quarriors, and many more)

“A fantastic baseball game, in all senses of the word!”
– Lance Myxter (Undead Viking podcast)

“I love seeing more sports-themed games coming out. This one is very innovative.”
Mike Fitzgerald (designer of Baseball Highlights 2045, Diamonds, and many more)

“The game looks amazing! I think it has a real chance to blow up.”
Jason Kotarski (designer and publisher, Green Couch Games)

“Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is a really clever mash-up of both genres. It’s quick, full of fun and challenging decisions and finds the right balance between sport and sorcery to remain appealing to a wide audience.”
Stephen Conway (The Spiel podcast)

First copies of Fantasy Fantasy Baseball are scheduled to ship in May 2016 while copies of Fantasy Fantasy Football and Hockey are each scheduled to ship 6-8 months after that.

About co-designer Daryl Andrews

A member of the Game Artisans of Canada, Daryl is a lifelong baseball fan from Waterloo, ON with two published games to his credit (The Walled City and Caffeine Rush) and several others scheduled for release in the next two years. Daryl is also the co-host of the Meeple Syrup Show (, a video podcast of designers discussing design. Follow Daryl on Twitter.

About co-designer J.R. Honeycutt

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, J.R. has four published games to his credit with several more scheduled for release in 2016-17. J.R. is also a season-ticket holder of the Texas Rangers and the host of The Nerd Nighters (, a video podcast and community of gamers helping others. Follow J.R. on Twitter.

About artist Rob Lundy

Rob Lundy is an illustrator and graphic designer from Ottawa, Ontario. Formerly an animator, he moved into freelance board game illustration after the success of his first project Dungeon Roll, published by TMG. Since that time, his illustrations have seen publication from several companies across North America. Rob specializes in fantasy illustration but has done work in the sci-fi realm. He streams his work live daily online at where he extends his love for teaching art to anyone willing to learn.

About CSE Games

CSE Games is a developer and publisher of award-winning tabletop games as well as sports and entertainment products, since 2004. An official licensee of the National Hockey League and the Collegiate Licensing Company, CSE Games products have earned awards from American Mensa, Creative Child Magazine, Canadian Toy Testing Council and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio to name a few.




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