Fantasy Fantasy Baseball Rules

November 24, 2015

Designed by Daryl Andrews & J.R. Honeycutt
Players: 2 to 5
Age: 8+
Time: 20 to 50 min

Please note, this is not the final rule set, it is a work in progress. We are continuously tinkering and reviewing each aspect of the game to make the rules as clear as possible. Feel free to send us questions or offer any suggestions here.

Updated rules with new images will be posted shortly.

Here’s a quick demonstration of Fantasy Fantasy Baseball from Bearded Meeple:


Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is a 2 to 5 player fantasy baseball game in which players manage a team of fantasy monsters who’d kill to win a championship. FFB uses a clever combination of drafting, roster management, and high-stakes weekly matchups to deliver quick, crisp gameplay that will leave players dying for the next season.

Through a full three-part season and playoff, Managers draft athletic fantasy creatures with magical abilities, starting them in rotisserie-style games against other teams. The object to is collect wins, as many wins as possible, and make it to the Championship Series. The ultimate champion is the team who claim four wins in the head-to-head, winner-take-all Championship!


  • 65 Character Cards (30 hitters + 30 pitchers / 30 Rookies, 8 Pros, 8 Specialists, 8 All-Stars, 6 Hall of Famers)
  • 60 Win Cards
  • 30 Event cards (20 Evil, 10 Good)
  • 5 Team Cards
  • 5 Wizard Manager cardboard minis
  • 30 Scoring markers (6 per player)
  • Stat Tracker Game Board (“Rotisserie” or Stat Tracker & Waiver Priority, bottom)
  • 1 illustrated rulebook

Game board features:

  • 5 main stat track rows (each row in a color features 2 symbols – shown on the far left)
  • Each row has space for up to 5 scoring markers in the same space (stacked when necessary).
  • Along the right side of the board are 4 spaces available for the Win Cards and one space for the Event Card to be displayed.
  • Waiver priority along bottom side of board (increments of 1-5)

Key terms:

Here are a few terms that will help you get familiar with the language of fantasy baseball:

Ability: Each of your Characters have a magical ability that can be used to influence games, the waiver wire, your roster, or other aspects of the game. Don’t ignore your Characters’ abilities, because sometimes they’re even more powerful than having great stats!

Character: The fantasy creatures you’ll recruit to your roster to compete for wins during the season.

Free agency: After a month of the season has been played, the free agency season begins. In free agency, teams have the opportunity to improve their roster with new Characters.

Head-to-head: Refers to a direct battle with an opponent for specific fantasy statistics. This is a more modern way to play fantasy baseball.

Manager: You, in charge of signing Characters and assigning them to games during the season. Can you lead your team to a championship?

Roster: Your hand of available Characters. Your roster will always consist of six Characters. Whenever you add a Character, you will immediately remove one from your roster.

Rotisserie: This is the alternate name of the stats tracking board. Refers to overall team stat collection. It is a reference to the original way to play fantasy baseball.
It was named after the New York City restaurant – La Rotisserie Française – where the creators of fantasy baseball would meet for lunch to play and discuss the rules of fantasy baseball.

Stats: Numbers that represent how skilled your Character is at the various aspects of hitting or pitching. Stats range from 1-10. If there is no number listed by a stat, that Character doesn’t have that skill.

Wild Card: A single-game elimination between the 2nd and 3rd place teams to determine which will make it to the Championship Series against the first place team. This does not occur is a 2-player game.

Wins: Your overall score in Fantasy Fantasy Baseball is determined by the combined wins from cards each week and the rotisserie board in the middle of the table. Remember, as an old bruin once said, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing!


  1. Place the “Rotisserie” Stat Tracking Game board at center of table.
  2. Each Manager selects a Team card and the corresponding color markers for that team.
  3. Randomly select a first Manager. Place that Manager’s token on the board at Waiver Priority “1”, which means this Manager will pick first in the draft. Repeat this with the Manager sitting to the left of the 1st Manager. Place the 2nd Manager at Waiver Priority “2”. Repeat for all Managers.
  4. Each Manager places one of their color scoring markers on the “1” position of the Stat Tracking board. There are 5 scoring tracks on the board, each represented by a different color and outline pattern.
  5. Place the decks of Event cards and Win cards face-down next to the Stat Tracking board.
  6. Separate the Character deck by category – Rookies, Pros, Specialists, All-Stars and Hall of Famers. Deal out the following to each Manager: 2 Rookies, 1 Pro, 1 Specialist, 1 All-Star and 1 Hall of Famer. You are now ready to begin the draft.
  7. After receiving cards, each manager selects one card from their hand to keep, and passes the rest of the hand to the manager on their left. Continue this process until each manager has a new hand of 6 cards.
  • See options for drafting at the end of this rulebook (coming soon)

FFB Character card

Anatomy of a card:

  • Name (top-left)
  • Character level (top-right, color of striping)
  • Good vs. Evil (blue or red sky)
  • Stat categories (left side)
    – hitting or pitching stats
  • Position (hitter or pitcher, bottom-right)
  • Team name (bottom-right)
  • Magic ability (below main mage, with description)

In Fantasy Fantasy Baseball you will guide your roster of Characters through three months (or rounds) of games and free agency periods before each month/round.

Each month you’ll sign new Characters, compete for wins, and try to use your magical abilities to earn wins and hurt your opponents. After three months the top two teams compete in the Championship Series to determine the best wizard manager in the league!

Follow these steps each month:

1) Flip over a card from the Event deck, read it aloud and place it in the designated spot on the side of the game board.

If the Event card has an immediate effect, resolve it. Otherwise, keep it in easy view for all Managers.

2) Flip over 4 win cards face-up in the spots designated on the side of the game board.

In a 4-5 player game, place an additional win card beside each card but upside down, to create two possible games for players each week.

3) Free agency (skip this step in the first round/month)

  • Flip up a number of cards from the Character deck equal to the number of Managers plus one. Arrange those cards face-up in the middle of the table so that all Managers can see them.
  • Starting with the manager in the 1st waiver wire position, and continuing in waiver wire order, each manager may select a face-up Character card from the available free agents. If they do so, they must immediately discard one of their current Character cards to the free agent pool. Managers may never have more than six Characters on their roster at any time.
  • All remaining Character cards are shuffled and returned to the bottom of the Characters card deck.

4) Set rosters

Once you’ve had a chance to study and review the Event and Win cards, each manager chooses the Character cards to place on their roster. Managers should select one Character to play in each game (noted by the four win cards) and two Characters to stay on the bench for the month. The roster set up is in the formation of a baseball diamond – 1st week at 1st base, 2nd week at 2nd base, 3rd week at 3rd base, etc.

Reminder: Managers can use the bench Characters’ magic abilities.

In a 4-5 player game, the directional placement of the Character indicates which of the two win cards the Manager is competing for. An upside down Character (facing towards the manager rather than away) is competing for the upside down win card.

5) Play Ball!

  • After all rosters have been set for the month, begin resolving each week. Starting with week one (1st base), all managers reveal the Character they started for that week.
  • Beginning with the Manager who is last in waiver wire order, and continuing in reverse waiver wire order, until all Managers have had one chance to use magic abilities of the Characters on their bench, each Manager may activate one or both of their bench Characters magic abilities. Managers only have one opportunity to use magic abilities per week.

Every Character has a powerful ability that can be used to change the game in your favor. Pay close attention to those abilities when drafting and setting your rosters, as they can be the difference between winning and losing!

Check the win card to see which Characters has the highest combined stats that the win requires. Apply any bonuses or penalties from the Event card or Character magic abilities.

  • In case of a tie, a good Character beats an evil Character. If tied, Characters are both good or both evil, no win is awarded and the win card is discarded (unless otherwise stated by event or ability).
  • Check the win card to see which stats should be increased on the rotisserie board. For each Character that did not win the week, advance its Managers stat on the rotisserie board if their stats match the indicated stats on the win card (indicated below the arrow on the win card). This may happen for one stat, no stats, or multiple stats, depending on the win card.
  • Award the win card to the manager whose Character won that week. The manager should place the win card face up next to their cards.
  • Repeat for each week until all four weeks have been played.

6) Cleanup

Return all cards from all locations (Win cards, bench Characters, etc.) to Managers’ hands. Discard the active Event card. If this was the first or second month, play the next month in the season. If this was the third month, move to the Championship Series!

Championship Series:

After the Wild Card round (if any), the two remaining teams compete in the Championship Series. This is a winner-take-all, best-of-seven competition for wins. Shuffle the entire win deck, including all win cards from all managers.

Flip over a single win card. Each manager selects a card from their hand, then reveals simultaneously. The manager whose Character wins that card earns one win towards the best-of-seven competition for the Championship Series. Continue this for the next 3 cards.

(REMINDER: If you played a wild card game – the card played for that game is not eligible to be played in the first 4 games of the Championship Series.)

After you have played 4 Character cards, you may take back the the Characters used in Game 1 of the Championship Series (you may also take back the wild card game player card at this time too if applicable). You should have three cards in your hand for Game 5. Repeat this process for the remaining games, if necessary. For games 5, 6, and 7 you should only have 3 Character cards available in your hand. 

The first Manager to claim four win cards is the winner!

Ties at the end of the regular season:

In the case of a tie for second place in a three player game, or always in a 4-6 player game, there is a one game wild card playoff match before the World Series. The teams with the 2nd and 3rd most wins play in a sudden death playoff where it only takes one win to make it to the World Series. Flip a win card and play from hand.

NOTE: Whatever card you play in Wild Card is NOT eligible to be played in any way of the first 4 games during the Championship Series.

Full explanations of Character magic abilities:

… coming soon

Optional rules and variant game modes:

… coming soon (if we meet our stretch goals)

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