Hand-Off Review by Father Geek

September 26, 2014

Here is part of the impressive in-depth review of Hand-Off by Father Geek:

I am very impressed with Hand-Off. It surprised me how deep and strategic a game it really was and how much I had to think through my card plays in hopes of moving the ball forward. Players only have 5 cards to work with for each down, which seems restricting at first. Players can take a “Time-Out” to get some new cards, but those are also limited. This means that most players kept their Time-outs to a minimum and only used them when they were close to a very strong hand. But it’s not enough to simply get a good hand because a good hand only allows you to win the action for the play. And on that point, card order is everything. Last card played determines the play. Players are never harshly penalized for picking the wrong play, but it hurts to know you could have scored a touchdown if you ordered your card plays better.

What we have here is a fantastic football card game that really does feel exciting, nail-biting, and exasperating. All the emotions I get when I am watching a game on the television. The game is tactical, strategic, and best of all, complicated. Not complicated in the sense that it’s impossible to understand. It’s complicated in a way that makes you feel like there is much more going on that you can really put all together. That’s pretty neat, but will also keep this game off many game tables. It’s not light and it’s not easy to master, but for those who love playing games and really enjoy football, Hand-Off is the perfect marriage of the two.”

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